My intention with creating joyohboy is to have a space where books, meditations, and products support mindful parenting.

When they were young, I took my daughters to a beautiful lake near our house every summer. We’d load up with watercolors, tools for making sand castles, floats, balls, cards and whatever else felt necessary to making magic at the beach! All the children around us wanted to join in – bliss! The children called our time together “Camp Kathy.” That nickname still describes my approach to life. Indeed, two of my “alumni” are now singer-songwriters in New York and just wrote a new song entitled “Camp Kathy” – and dedicated it to me.

Making a positive difference in children’s lives is truly where my heart is. My daughters, Kara and Kayle, were raised to always listen to their hearts and intuition; to show gratitude for everything in their lives; to feel their feelings and then let them go; to think positively; and to see life through the lens of love. In this fast-paced, high-tech world, it is a joy to give parents like you the tools to create balance, peace and harmony in your own families. I hope you are inspired to have your own joyful, year-round camp!