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The Power of Setting Family Intentions

Families who practice mindfulness understand the importance of intention. But intention is more than just the commitment to practicing mindfulness and gratitude. Intention helps families grow, helps children discover more about the world, and most of all, helps us all choose positivity and peace. Defining the intention of your family can help your children and […]

How To Teach Children About Mindfulness During Halloween Celebrations

Doesn’t it seem as though holiday celebrations start earlier and earlier every year? Halloween decorations were displayed in stores starting in August. While children should spend their last weeks of summer playing outside and getting ready to start the school year, they’re also already wondering what they’ll be for Halloween. Halloween is a time to […]

7 Simple Steps to Raising Strong, Powerful and Absolutely Amazing Daughters Who Will Never Be Called “Miss Piggy”

Dear Daughters, There is something you need to know. You are perfect, whole and complete exactly as you are. Walk tall and stand proud for you are a fighter. You stand firmly on the ground balanced and complete. Your brilliance is a joy to behold and you make me so proud. Raising daughters these days […]

Do You Have Time in your Life for Peace?

Is there time in your life for peace? Peace is a place of letting go. It’s a magical place where outside influences don’t bother you, the past cannot get to you and the future doesn’t worry you. But you are busy, you are a parent with busy & hectic schedules. You have to feed children, […]

We Either Parent From Love or Fear

“There are two basic motivating forces: fear and love. When we are afraid, we pull back from life. Then we are in love, we open to all that life has to offer with passion, excitement, and acceptance.” ~ John Lennon The Beatles had it right; all you need is love. When you parent with a vibration […]

Why Not Use Every Day as a Chance to Vibrate Love?

I always had so much fun celebrating Valentine’s Day. When my children were growing up, we created magical celebrations in our home. It was a special day to celebrate love and I took full advantage of it. We usually wore fancy jewelry and dressed up in beautiful clothes. Sometimes we would drive into New York […]