“If I Only Had a Heart”

flyingheartperson-180x180“If I only had a heart…”

I just love the Wizard of Oz. It is a beautiful movie with many spiritual undertones.

“If I only had a heart” makes me wonder…and just when did the Tin Man lose the connection to his heart?

Did he lose it when his parents told him to toughen up?
Did he lose it when he was bullied or made fun of?
Or did he just lose it because no one saw the gifts he had to offer the world?

Connecting with your heart is the key to a joyful life. Letting your heart, your intuition, guide you is what turns life into a magic carpet ride. In my books, children learn to connect with their hearts. If you ask your heart a question, the answer will come to you. Your heart knows the way to the truth. Parents can help children connect with their hearts with this simple practice.

So don’t let your children end up like the Tin Man searching for their heart!

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