My Mindful Book of ABCs and Today an Elephant I Will Be.

Clare Wasserman Illustrator

Clare Wassermann hails from the very middle of England and has been painting and sketching since childhood, but more recently has worked in acrylic and oils on a larger scale. She loves the idea of layer upon layer in paint and collage evoking memories and experiences. Some paintings have ten or even twenty layers built up and most are in response to her meditation and yoga practice. All are a pure celebration of her external and internal landscapes.

Juxtaposition of edges and color combinations excite her. Sometimes she works in fabric and stitch for even more texture. Clare uses her intuition, as far as possible, to take her on the journey towards a final balance point. This art practice becomes a metaphor for life.


Good Morning World, Life is a Rainbow, The Bright Blue Balloon, and Love is the Moon the Stars and the Sky.


Veronica Swain, Illustrator

has been evolving as an artist since childhood, when she filled giant sketch pads with characters and stories. She received her degree in Illustration from Western Connecticut State University, and since has found a style that is both simple and whimsical. As of this writing, Veronica lives in Fairfield, CT with two humans, a part-time Chihuahua, two crabs, and five goldfish.


Tara’s Message, and Gratitude is a Funny Thing.


Kimberly Winton, Illustrator

Kathy’s niece Kim, grew up in Vermont with a brother, sister and two loving parents. She has always loved creating–earning her B.A. in studio art and then a B.S.N. in nursing. She and her husband, Tyler, live in Chapel Hill North Carolina, with their amazing little girls, Piper, and Tula, and brand-new baby boy, Wylie. She enjoys nature, exercise and all things beautiful.