The Only New Year’s Resolution You Need

Drum roll, please… I think I’ve figured it out. The only thing you really need for your 2015 New Year’s resolution? The power of positive thinking. Here’s the deal with positive thinking: Your words and thoughts have energy that go out into the universe. Just like a boomerang, they come back to you. When you send thoughtful messages out there, your reality becomes what you think. Not only is this the most important gift to give yourself, but the single most important thing you can model for your children.

It’s an easy thing to drop into your day. It doesn’t have to take up much time. When you get up in the morning, visualize your day going smoothly. Picture your child and put him in a positive light. Think of three words that describe your child in a positive way. “My child is happy, independent and fun to be around.” Then, when you’re on your way to school with your child, say something positive: “Isn’t it a beautiful day, today? I can’t wait to hear about your day and all the fun you’ll have with your friends.”

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